Working out at home isn’t for everyone but for me it was a great decision in the beginning of my fitness journey.  In my last post, I talked about why I started working out at home. Click here to go straight to that post and read about it.

Should you decide to go the same route that I did and begin your workout regimen from the comfort of your home it is ideal to start  a program.

My house is currently under renovation and I’ve specifically created a room for a home gym.  The current plumber that is working on our house said to me that he would like to get back into shape but its just so hard having no time and working late hours.  I suggested the same to him, to pick a program and do it from the comfort of your own home.

He also suggested having a bathroom close by incase you have to use the restroom you are not running upstairs and possibily losing motivation. Check out Unlimited Plumbing and Drains Here to see more plumbers ideas for the ideal workout space.

I would recommend following a program, I did P90X.  There are a lot of different programs out there. Pick one and stick  with it and push yourself here.

A home gym should be in a garage, a basement, bonus room finished attic, etc. somewhere there is space.

Things to have in a home gym:

  • Enough Room/ enough space
  • Weight Set
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Weight Resistance Bands
  • Mat
  • Cardio Equipment but you can also run outside if money is tight and do interval cardio.
  • Mirrors

Working out at home definately has its perks.  It gives you the freedom to work out at what ever time that you want and allows you to fine tweak your progess along the way.  It also allows and teaches to hold ourselves accountable for our success.  Definately worth it if you miss gym hours and you don’t want to miss a workout also, having a plan B is always a good thing.