Your day is not over until you come from the gym. Pack your bag the night before and go to the gym straight from work. No excuses. Once you get there, you will get motivated and you will start to feel betters.  Some days are easier then others, but as long as you are willing to give it everything you got or at least try your best you are bound to come out feeling better.

I remember when I did a round of P90X ,what’s his face says, “you have to get the layer of gunk off from the day or the day before” and he’s right. I love that feeling of sweating and working to get that layer of gunk off. Because that layer is so many things….its those calories being burned, its getting your heart rate up, its therapeutic because you have to focus, its releasing anger, pent up aggression. Its fighting the will.

I see it like this, you look in the mirror and you are so unhappy with the way you look but if you don’t do anything to change it than in my eyes looking that way  exceeds your laziness. Get off your arse and make it happen and don’t make excuses. It is that last sprint and that last rep that make a difference.  You take a class and the teachers says, “lets get those legs and do some squats” and the repsone? “awwww man, I just did legs yesterday.” You know what I say? Excuses and blah blah blah.

Have the attitude and the mind frame.  Get in the right mind frame. Things to do would be to start a pinterest board of motivation. I have one, with some of the most smoking womans bodies and the second I look at them I’m like man….GYM GYM GYM, SQUATS, LIFT. Follow somebody on facebook or Instagram.  Instragram even has videos of how to.

Don’t be scared. We all have to start somewhere. I know its hard sometimes to go to the gym knowing that people might stare, first and foremost f them and anybody that makes anybody feel uncomfortable at the gym but secondly start off working out at home.

I worked out from home for the first 3 months before I started doing crossfit. I did P90X so that I could throw up in the privacy of my own home :) then after throw up in front of everybody. It was because I could get used to working out and getting used to getting my heart rate up at my own pace, not comparing myself to anybody else and focusing on ME.

Crossfit is a great atmosphere to be in when feeling insecure about being at the gym, the comraderie is like no other. They all teach you to work harder, push stronger and those things seep into other aspects of your life.  You are accountable to finish the work out and it feels great when we all finish it together. NO MATTER the size.

So at the end of the day its:

  • Attitude
  • Discipline
  • Picking a Role Model
  • Wanting it Bad Enough

Here is a video from Tony Robbins, one of my favorite inspirational and motivation speakers:

Now, get off your ass and ignite that fire! :)