Cliché I know but if I were to get a nickel for every time google finds a nutrition article on the web I literally would be so rich I could become Barbie herself if I wanted to. Luckily, I don’t want to be Barbie and I just want to be me.

Before making the leap and setting in stone that starting a new healthy lifestyle is your path please make sure you are serious.  Unless, along the way you became ill or something out of your control happened then it’s understandable.  But for your sake, don’t put in the countless hours of hard work only to throw it away later.  So, if you are making the choice, make it for the long haul. Don’t make it a diet or a fad make it a lifestyle change.

First and foremost for the fatty ass gene people like me know that your body is different. So from my experience take it slow because from one month to the next year your body can respond differently than it did a year ago. So taking it slow and paying attention to your body is key here.

This also goes for people with auto immune disorders which can also go hand in hand with bad genes. For example, hypothyroidism is an auto immune disorder and causes weight gain.  Most likely, your mom, dad, sister, brother has/ had it also and they also struggle with weight.

Second thing I want to address is for the people that used to be really active and for some unexplainable reason you are constantly tired, drained, exhausted.  Of course, go to the doctor and get your levels checked but chances are you’ve already done that and every doctor tells you you are fine.  You might have a parasite problem. Parasites can steal your energy and vital nutrients that you are supposed to be getting causing you be extremely exhausted for no damn reason.

Don’t believe me? Go google online symptoms of parasites and just an FYI avoid articles with pictures or videos.  Reading is enough for believing in this case.  In my next article I will recommend the products I took, the best protocol, cost effective path to take. Believe me, its gold. Going through a parasite cleanse is another entirely different post but it’s worth it if it’s actually the parasites that are ridding you of life’s joy and energy.

Third, do consider doing the Whole30.

Here’s a video from one of countless videos on why you should do the Whole 30. BOOM.

Google it. It’s basically where you don’t eat sugar, wheat, grains etc. for 30 days to clean out your system in the sense to get rid of those cravings and prepare you for your new lifestyle.

Don’t jump right into eating paleo and start substituting french fries for sweet potato fries, or sugar for stevia, or flour for almond flour…..need I go on?  Go onto the whole 30 to rid your body of the other shit and layers and start fresh. Its hard but its worth it. And the Whole 30 has a good support stystem, shit you can even pinterest the whole 30 for awesome recipes.